Self Defense Straight Out Of The BOX

Self Defense Straight Out Of The BOX


Self defense straight out of the box!

When it comes to learning self defense through a traditional martial art… it could take years of hard work and practice for a student to become proficient enough to defend themselves against an attacker!

Let first take a look at the possible attacker….we are not talking about your average school yard bully or bar room punk! Let talk about a street savvy criminal who has a black belt from the school of hard knocks. Never underestimate this guy! Although he never went to a martial art school , learned a kata, wore a uniform or broke a board during a demonstration, he is a fierce and ruthless fighter! A streetfighter only knows  a few moves but he knows them well! He has mastered the element of surprise, the sucker punch that you never see coming with your head buried in your cell phone! This guy fought his way through the streets, no rules, no points, just sheer brutality delivered through the element of surprise and underestimation of his skills! Remember he has all the strategic advantages ,time,place,method…He singled you out and marked you as an easy target and he intends on doing whatever is necessary to get what he wants from you! Trust me if you are not prepared…He will!

So what is the best defense against this attacker! If you are looking for self-defense straight out of the box …fast,effective,easy to learn…traditional martial arts is not your answer! Most people are too busy, with work, school, raising a family to put hours upon hours of study into a martial art to become a black belt! The next dilemma… which martial arts do you choose? Let me put this to you plain and simple! NONE!!! If you are looking for self-defense straight out of the box no rules ,no point system no friendship tournaments ! I suggest take a real self-defense course! not a 1 hour seminar or a 2 day quick tips and tricks deal! I mean a real kickass you messed withe the wrong person self defense plan!

I have been practicing martial arts for 30 years ,I am a tactical master Instructor and a firearms expert, I grew up in the tough streets of Newark New Jersey …so yes i have done my homework on this one…. I would say take a C.O.B.R.A self-defense course! I think Chris Sutton the founder of C.O.B.R.A got it right when it comes to teaching the average person a self-defense system that is easy to learn and highly effective against criminals and street thugs. Chis has an extensive background in Martial arts, law enforcement and a former prison guard ….so yes I would say Chris knows what time it is!!!!!

C.O.B.R.A gives you the upper hand against street fighters thugs and even active shooters! Yes defense against firearms! Friends this is not an advertisement or a pitch for C.O.B.R.A it’s an option and a very high quality one at that…and if you find a better self-defense program out there for the average person ….write to me, I would sure love to hear about it!

I love martial arts ! I have been practicing it more than half my life…But if it’s fast effective, real self defense straight out of the box…I Choose C.O.B.R.A. I will enclose a link at the bottom of this article in case you want to check it ouut and see if there is a C.O.B.R.A center near you.

Good Luck ,Be safe ,Be Smart


Master J Custode

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