TaeKwonDo Sparring

TaeKwonDo Sparring


Through Taekwondo Sparring Children Gain Self-Confidence And A Greater Understanding Of Themselves

Is your Child shy and lacking in self-confidence?

Does your child know how to cope with both success and  and set-backs?

Through taekwondo sparring Children learn to face their weaknesses and turn them into strengths.

Does Your Child Tend To Be Shy? Or Lack Self-Confidence?
Shy children find it hard to cope with confrontation. Teasing in the school yard can ruin their day. And a threat from a bully can lead to melt-down.

Through taekwondo sparring kids learn to face up to confrontation.



Through Sparring children learn how to stand in a ring and face someone who is trying to attack them. (And believe me although tkd sparring is controlled it is still frightening and confronting.) A Good martial arts instructor builds up child’s sparring skills slowly.At first the children learn to face a couple of kicks in an organized drill practicing both offense and defense techniques. Over time they build up to 1-2 minutes sparring bouts using the skills they have learned and practiced .

Through their sparring training children learn..

Not to panic… staying calm and in control at all times

Not to run away… Facing their fear with courage

Not to turn their backs. Situations are best face head on.

Stand up tall and face their aggressor… Regardless of their age or size

Think clearly under huge pressure. Calculated offense and Defense is the plan.

Hit back in a measured way… Never out of anger always with self-control.

Even with all of their newly acquired skills … There Are Inevitable Tears and minor set backs Along The Way.

This is all part of the personal growth process! The Children are well padded up in the proper tkd sparring gear.  An odd bruise here and there and sometimes even a bruised ego.When children are properly trained and coached….(Serious injury in  sparring is highly unlikely). A  well trained student is taught and understands the nature of sparring . When they are on the receiving end of a kick or punch  they do not burst into tears and give up. They fight back!

Sparring teaches children not to let any stressful situation beat them. They find a strong fighting spirit and determination inside themselves when confrontation presents itself. They learn to take a deep breath and clear their mind of negative thoughts and keep going. The end result of coming through these these barriers and fighting these battles……is massive increases in self confidence, self esteem, and overall mental toughness….Suddenly the taunts of the neighborhood or school bully seem less of a problem!

There is no doubt that sparring builds character and strength from within! As parents we always want to stand up and protect our children however we must teach them to stand up for themselves when they are alone .


Our World Class TaeKwonDo Sparring program is open to all students, all ranks, even if they are members at another martial facility.

Our Program meets every Tuesday and Thursday Evening from 6PM-7Pm

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J Custode

6Dan Master Instructor




Classes Pricing:

  • 1 – 4 sessions per month     $69.00
  • 4 – 6 sessions per month     $79.00
  • 6 – 8 sessions per month     $99.00

USA TaeKwonDo

Olympic Sparring Coach

Kukiwon Certified 6 Dan

Grand Master J Custode

Master Instructor J Custode is a USA Taekwondo  Registered Coach and has earned his students top ranking at Regional, State , National and Junior Olympic Tournaments.

It is a great honor and a privelage to coach and compete at an Olympic event where only the best coaches and competitors are permitted on the floor.

The World Class Martial Arts Sparring Team has special training classes two evenings each week with Mater Custode and his Staff of certified Black Belt Instructors.


Every great martial artist knows the importance of  sparring and that it should become an intricate part of every students weekly practice . Sounds easy enough, But not all martial arts schools offer a comprehensive sparring curriculum !

When it comes to Martial Arts, sparring is fundamental!

Sparring will turn an average student into a more versatile and stronger fighter… You can hit heavy bags, free standing bags, thai pads, punching dummies, hand mitts, practice katas or pumses till you fall apart… but without the practice of sparring you will not get the skills necessary  for a real fight.

Sparring will give you timing and distance sense. It will get you in top physical and mental condition.

Don´t deceive yourself, if your goal is to be a great martial artist, you have to include a comprehensive sparring regiment in your training routine, from a nationally trained a certified Instructor period.


 They All Agree World Class Martial Arts Is their #1 Choice

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