Meet the Team Where Everyone is a Caring Professional

Our Professional Coaches!

There’s no better friend than a fistful of power and knowledge!

Michael Smith

Head Instructor / Owner

Michael is a kind and caring Instructor especially when it comes to teaching children

Joseph Custode

Grand Master / Retired

Joseph has a long and interesting career as a martial arts professional.

Morgan Harr


Morgan is a 4th Dan Black Belt Instructor and has been training with Master Custode since the age of 3 1/2 years old. Morgan is a Sparring Team Instructor and Captain of our Black Belt Masters Team. Morgan runs our Children’s Summer Karate Camp Program

Masters Team

Black Belt Assistant Instructors

Masters Team Also Know as our DELTA TEAM “Dedicated Enthusiastic Loyal Teach Assistants” Selected for their talent,enthusiam and caring nature the Masters Team is personally Trained by 6th Dan Master Instructor Joseph Custode to assist during children & Teen Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Black Belt TaeKwonDo classes as well as Self Defense and XMA Weapons Training.

Sarah Trautz

Jr Instructor

Sybil has been practicing the kickboxing routine for quite a while, virtually starting it with her father’s consent since her junior years…