KickBoxing & Fitness

Meet our team of Professional Certified KickBoxing & Fitness Instructors

Joseph Custode

Owner/Master Trainer

Joseph Custode Instructor & Certified Master Trainer with over 30 years experience

Jacqui Haylard

Instructor KickBoxing & Fitness

Jacqui Haylard Certified Instructor  with over 20 Years Experience KickBoxing Strength Training & Conditioning Personal Trainer

Kari Harr

KickBoxing Instructor

Kari Harr KickBoxing Instructor & Program Director Kari has over 15 Years Experience as a KickBoxing Instructor

Georgie Ariano

Instructor-KickBoxing & Fitness

Georgie Ariano Instructor KickBoxing & Fitness Instructor With over 7 Years Years Experience

Arsheen Jiles "REDD"

Instructor -Fitness Strength Training & Conditioning

REDD Instructor Certified  Personal Trainer Strength & Conditioning Youth Speed agility & strength trainer Massage Therapist