Black Belt


At World Class Martial Arts we take great pride in all of our Black Belts…Especially our Children and Teen Black Belts!

Our Wednesday evening 6PM-7PM is solely dedicated to our Black Belts as well as Children & teens preparing for a Black Belt Promotion!

As A Kukiwon Certified Master Instructor I strive for excellence and our Black Belts are the real deal….Regardless of their age!!!! We are active members of  World TaeKwondo Federation & USA TaeKwonDo. We adhere to very high standards in both technical training and in Professional Ethical Conduct.

We have Pre-Black Belts up to 4th Dan Black Belts training in this class.

  • Instructor
  • Jr Instructor
  • Masters Team
  • Black Belt
  • Poom Belt

On Wednesday Evening our Blacks train in the following

  • Traditional TaeKwonDo Advance Skills Tips & Tricks
  • XMA Weapons Training
  • Modern & Practical Self Defense
  • Takedowns , Throws and Grappling
  • Bully Defense
  • Weapon Disarms
  • Active Shoot Response Plan of Action
  • Demonstrations for Special Events
  • Black Belt Ethics & Coaching

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