Children's Martial Arts


My Name is Master Joseph Custode I am an International certified instructor with the Kukiwon in Soul Korea and USA TaeKwonDo in Colorado USA. I have been teaching TaeKwonDo to children of all ages in Morris County for almost 3 Decades and I have see first hand what TaeKwonDo can do for children .

So. Lets talk a bit about the most obvious benefits first!

Fitness is a crucial element to all martial arts classes, especially where children are involved. Warmups with jumping jacks, pushups , running jumping and stretches challenge your child’s muscles and cardiovascular system. Martial artists are known for being toned, flexible and physically fit, and your child will be no different. It is a great way to get your child away from the television and video games. Your child doesn’t have to be an athlete or even enjoy sports for that matter the training is fun ,exciting and safe for children of all ages and keeps them wanting to come back for more!!!

The ability to defend yourself is an empowering feeling. As a parent you can be certain that with regular practice, your child will learn to defend themselves in a variety of different ways. At world Class martial arts we teach street-smart techniques to kids to help avoid problems altogether. Our instruction not only works against bullies but anti-abduction as well.

Martial arts help instill mental focus in your child, giving them the ability to concentrate on a task and see it through to its conclusion. The discipline that is taught in the dojo in regard to uniforms, customs and techniques often translates into other areas of life, including school and household chores. Children need rules and structure taught in a positive and constructive way!

It is a Parents job to discipline their child as they see fit, what we teach child how to discipline themselves. teaching a child self discipline takes time , patience and know how! But in the end the payoff is priceless !!!

At world Class Martial arts we are all about respect. Punching, kicking, throwing and locking are all secondary to the respect that is shown form the moment a child walks into our classroom. Children learn how to respect their instructors , teachers and most importantly their parents. I learn very early on to get respect you must learn to give respect. Children gain new responsibilities with each belt they earn and with that status comes respect. Our children also learn to treat other students as they wish to be treated. At World Class Martial arts we press upon the respect issue regularly and instruct students to practice respect for self, parents, teachers and peers at every opportunity and in return great respect is given to them as well!!

Working through our belt ranking system gives a child measurable goals to follow that are realistic to attain. The sense of accomplishment a child feels by mastering a new technique or graduating to a new belt follows them everywhere they go. At World Class Martial Arts we strive to understand and tap into each child’s strengths , weaknesses and personality to develop a positive “YES I CAN ATTITUDE”

Let us help your children be the absolute best they can be ! Healthy , happy and emotionally strong!

Best Regards,

Master J Custode

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